Millenium Cave

About 1 hour 30 minutes drive from luganville town in the largest island, Espiritu Santo. After you leave your vehicle at numbel village, jungle walk to the vunaspef village through the homemade bamboo bridge. The cave was discovered by the village in the vunaspef and the tour create in the year 2000.Leave your towel & change or anything cannot get wet, at the village nakamal. About an hour trek to the cave. Put on your life jacket and touch, explore the dark cave full of bats and sparrows where water running the cave, high ceiling about 50 meters high,3-4 km long. Have splash in the waterfall inside cave. Lunch break in the tropical gorge, climb up and don huge rocks, the most amazing experiences, swim down the river in the gorge. Leave the river climb up the hill about 30 meter high then about 30 minutes walk back to the village. The village offer you nice hot coffee/tea refreshment at the end before you head off.